Thursday, May 26, 2016

I Love Online Shopping

I’m online shopper!!! Yes, exactly that’s what I am. I’m addicted to online shopping since few years ago. I don’t like to walk in few shops just to find a suitable dress/blouse/Jubah for me. I know it’s very difficult to find one that can fulfill my criteria. Since I was a tall and skinny person (I know who I am), it’s hard to find my size with affordable price.

Since that, I’ve decided to just online shopping to save my time. My husband also know that her beloved wife loved to online shopping rather than walk in boutique. I would buy from different shop. I won’t buy from the same shop because I like to compare the quality and prices. Usually, I would find a few and showed to my husband. He would pick the one that he think suit to her wife.

For this coming Hari Raya (most of us think it’s too early to buy), but for me this is suitable time for me to buy so I can have time to buy shawl/scarf to match with my dress. Furthermore, during fasting day I prefer to spend my time at home. Recite Quran and rest are the greatest moment for me. Instead of spending time looking for Baju Raya, walk from one boutique to another, better just stay at home.

Since we don’t have a kids, so we can spend our money for us (just for the time being). I don’t really care about what others would think. I just think of myself, and my husband. I do what I loved to do and I won’t do what others loved to but I don’t loved to. I won’t bother what other people would think about me because that’s what I am. I know people would think that I overspend to myself, but for me it’s a therapy for myself. I love to see all been hanging with various colour and style. 

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