Friday, May 13, 2016

Hohohohoneymoooon Triiiiiip


This post special to story about my honeymoon trip last year. Why last year not right after my marriage last 2 years? It’s all because my husband got to leave me a week after our marriage. Would love to repeat, after a week of my married life, my husband were away for 3 weeks to perform his duty to our nation, Malaysia. Yes, its 3 weeks he’s been away leave me a week after we got married. How poor am I right? Hahahahaha

Never mind, I’m used with it after all. Even blood coming out, I can’t stop him from performing his duty. I proud with my husband. He’s professional when it’s related to his work and duty. Responsible husband won’t leave his beloved wife without good reason. Ok, let’s continue with my honeymoon trip journey.

On May 2015, we go to Pangkor. This is a treat after we lost our beloved 17w son (miscarriage). I really really really need some vacation that time to release all my sadness. Pangkor not a big island to stay for a long time. We could round around Pangkor Island just for a day. You may view my entry about Pangkor here.

Our first anniversary we celebrate at Langkawi Island. Actually on the day of my anniversary was my best friend wedding. So, a day after anniversary we take a flight to Langkawi. During this trip, I was pregnant 8w. Still early and still fragile but I’m not having bad thinking because a mothers pray Allah will hear. So I’m just enjoying that moment without thinking any other things. Alhamdulillah, nothing happen during that trip.

This year we’re still planning either to Redang Island or Perhentian Island on our anniversary. Actually I’m more interested to go to Tioman Island but my husband refused since we got to take about 2 hour boat from Mersing jetty to the island. So, next honeymoon trip will be updated later in another post. See yaa

*Suddenly feel like want to write a post in English. I know my English were out, but I’m try to improve it slowly. 

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