Monday, January 31, 2011


congrats to u who create such a beautiful story bout me.. i really like it.. i dont want to say anything bout that anymore.. juz wanna thanks to u.. really appreciate to what u have done.. i'm not jealous with that girl.. i'm happy with her coz willing to spend her time to chat with u.. u can create more bad story bout me to tell others the bad things bout me.. i dont really care n i dont really mind with it.. u can take my FB account, u can take my YM but u can't take away my happiness.. i'm happy being like this.. i'm so anger with u right now n i know u will read this soon n u know u are.. i dont wanna state ur name here coz i dont want people think all the bad things to u.. i'm still ok n fine.. my hurt in my heart will recovered soon.. thanks :)

*i'll write in english if i get anger.. thanks reader!!*

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yg Xkn B'ulang

montel !!
mke hepi jek
Ms d0k kemas2 segala mcm dokumen smlm, jmpe la pic2 lme.. ms tu ngh cri sijil2 utk apply keje..nk attached segala sijil yg ade la..nk tmbh point lg bio sng dpt koje tu..hehe

Ni je la pix yg leh kongsi kt cni ek..zmn d0lu2 kecik2 d0lu tu..comel je ank org ni kn..hehehe

Medal ni lak sepanjang penglibatan sukan kt skolah..xde la aktif sgt pn tp ade la jgk medal wt kenangan..ala2 kenangan terindah gituw!!

Nk tg0k byk2 pic lg sila ke FB sy ye..macih 8)