Monday, January 31, 2011


congrats to u who create such a beautiful story bout me.. i really like it.. i dont want to say anything bout that anymore.. juz wanna thanks to u.. really appreciate to what u have done.. i'm not jealous with that girl.. i'm happy with her coz willing to spend her time to chat with u.. u can create more bad story bout me to tell others the bad things bout me.. i dont really care n i dont really mind with it.. u can take my FB account, u can take my YM but u can't take away my happiness.. i'm happy being like this.. i'm so anger with u right now n i know u will read this soon n u know u are.. i dont wanna state ur name here coz i dont want people think all the bad things to u.. i'm still ok n fine.. my hurt in my heart will recovered soon.. thanks :)

*i'll write in english if i get anger.. thanks reader!!*

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